Its been a long time since my last post!!!!

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Wow. It’s been a long time since my last post!! I wrote that I will try to keep my blog updated more frequently, but I failed!

One of the reasons which I think I failed to post too often is that I try to think of new and interesting analysis to post. As such analysis takes time, this resulted in my inaction. Another reason which I think this is so is because I am lazy! HAHA. Moving forward, I will try to post more often even when there is not much new analysis.

For this post, I would like to share two websites which I think are very interesting. These are two websites which helps you to stretch your dollar and earn rewards/points for your next trip!!
They are:
1. Mile Lion (
– There are a lot of miles site which are focused on US credit cards. But this site is for Singapore credit cards!
– Very nice site interface and there is even a pocket chart which is like a decision tree!!!

2. Card Cow (
– Has a cow-culator to help you calculate the miles you can earn if you utilize your credit cards
– Rebates calculator which is in progress

There your go. My maiden post for 2016 and I hope to post more often.
Alternative, drop me a note on any topics which you would like me to analyse.


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