Things to note for Redmart’s move to Lazada on 15th Mar 2019: MCC, Liveup rebates & “Welcome Offer”

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Users of Redmart and Lazada would have received email to inform of the upcoming move of Redmart to Lazada on 15th March.  I have been a user of both and also a LiveUp member to take advantage of free shipping on Lazada and Redmart (above S$40) and LiveUp rebates (8% for Citibank credit cards and 5% for others)

MCCs of future Redmart transactions on Lazada (15th Mar 2019 onwards)

Upon hearing this news, first thing that came to my mind will be the MCC for future Redmart transactions on the Lazada platform from 15th Mar 2019 onwards. So, I sent an email to Redmart to check what will happen to the MCC for future transactions.

  • Checkout with only Redmart items: MCC “5411 Grocery Stores, Supermarkets” and tagged as “online” transaction
  • Checkout with at least one Lazada items: MCC “5311 Department stores”and tagged as “online” transaction

In short, do not mix Lazada items with Redmart items when checking out.

Snapshot of the email response from Redmart Support Centre:

Redmart response


Liveup members: Liveup rebates capped at $30

Liveup members can earn rebates on Redmart and Lazada. This LiveUp rebate is capped at S$30 for Redmart and S$30 for Lazada. With the upcoming move, the combined (Lazada and Redmart) rebate is still capped at S$30.

This means that one will only receive Liveup rebates on for first S$600 transactions (non-Citibank credit cards) or first S$375 transactions (Citibank credit cards). I think this is a reduction of benefits of LiveUp membership and the LiveUp membership fee of S$49.90 per year should be reduced.


Redmart on Lazada offer: $25 for your first 4 Redmart orders on Lazada

Redmart users can receive $25 rebate off first 4 Redmart orders on Lazada if they opting in to move your RedMart data to Lazada and receiving an opt-in confirmation email from RedMart.  You can see the details of this offer via this link.



Hope the above information is useful for fellow Redmart users.



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