Personal Finance Resource Page

This will be the placeholder for all the key information and resources which will be updated.

1. Bank accounts:
a. Which is the best Child Development Account (CDA)? Updated 28th Aug 2018
  – For reference Aug 2017 post
b. High interest bank account in Singapore


2. Credit cards:
a. Comparison of multi-purpose cash rebate credit cards (Citibank Cash Back, OCBC 365 Visa, Bank of China Family Visa) – 30th Jan 2018
b. Merchant category code for Citibank Cash Back credit card – Updated on 28th Jan 2019
  – For reference (Update on 28th Aug 2018)

3. Money Hacks:
a. Is OEM (Open Electricity Market) retailers the cheapest option for electricity? Heard of Wholesale Electricity Price?