Portfolio Update Jul 2015

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About time to do a portfolio update for myself on this blog. When I started this blog, the equities made up a very small portion of my total portfolio. If you refer to the slide below, equities only made up 4% of my total portfolio.

Fast forward to 31st Jul 2015, equities made up a higher portion at about 9%. My equity portfolio consists of:
Ascendas REIT
Asian Pay Television Trust
Capitaland Commercial Trust
Ezion Holdings
Hutchison Port Holdings Trust
IHH Healthcare
Keppel Corp
Keppel REIT
New Silkroutes
Otto Marine
Sembcorp Industries
Sembcorp Marine

2015-07-31 portfolio update

My portfolio has a large exposure to the offshore marine and the REIT counters, which are two of the sectors which are currently on the down cycle (oil and real estate). As a result, my equity portfolio is facing a paper loss. However, I am positive on the long-term prospects of these two sectors.

Strategy moving forward
Currently, the market is quite volatile right now but I will be conservative in my approach to acquire counters bit-by-bit. I will look out for sectors which are on the down-cycle and sectors which will ride on the world’s mega trends.

The sectors are on the down-cycle are oil and gas and real estate sectors. For oil and gas, I believe the world’s demand for energy will continue. Oil majors like Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil are on my radar.  For the real estate sector,  I will acquire a bit more REIT and property developers like like Capitaland and Ho Bee Land are interesting.

Sectors which will ride on the world’s mega trends are the worlds demand for healthcare and healthcare services and growing middle class. Big pharma companies such as Pfizer and Novartis are interesting. However, the strengthening of the Swiss Franc made it less attractive. For the growing middle class, I am not looking luxury goods which are discretionary. Sporting goods (UnderArmor) and supermarket chains (Dairy Farm) are the sectors which I think will benefit from the growing middle class.

Disclaimer: I am not an equity analyst and the counters mentioned are not meant to be recommendations. Please do your own due diligence.

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