Citibank Cash Back credit card – merchants entitled to bonus cash rebate

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The Citi Cash Back credit card (formerly known as Citi Dividend) is one of few credit cards that is always in my wallet. This credit card covers most of my monthly essential expenses every month.

As usual, the headline cash rebate rate is very attractive but there are conditions to be met in order to meet these conditions. In this post, I would share (1) Citi Cash Back credit card’s terms and conditions & calculation, (2) my recommendations and tips to meet the conditions, and (3) merchants which earn the bonus rates.

Rebates terms & conditions and calculation


Recommendations & Tips

Recommended Users: Family with kids and car(s).
Personally, this card cover pretty much all the expenses I need to keep the family fed (dining), alive (grocery, necessities) and moving (petrol). All three categories are essential to make sure one can meet the minimum spending condition (S$888) and category bonus rebate cap (S$25 each category).

Tips: Apply for a supplementary card for your spouse
Personally, I do not spend so much in each category. Therefore, I applied a supplementary card for my wife and our combine expenditure made sure we meet the conditions required.

Bonus Rebate Merchants

One of my issue with this credit card is that I do not know the merchant category code of the merchant that I am going to purchase from. This is especially for the dining category as some merchants are not coded as F&B outlets, such as Swiss Bake and Paris Baguette. I have compiled the below list of merchants are entitled to the bonus rate and merchants who do not.


I hope the above is useful for you if you are currently or thinking about using Citi Cash Back credit card.


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