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I came across an article titled “The nuts and bolts of wine investment” which was published on The Business Times on 20th June 2014. Based on the article, wine is a good investment because wine’s value grow by 10% to 15% per annum!

However, other than buying the right wine (Bordeaux is highly recommended), one of the key is the storage conditions and it is recommended that the wines be stored between 10°C and 15°C, with the humidity kept above 70%. In addition, one can buy cheaper by buying during the ‘en primeur campaign’, which apparently some of the local Singapore wine merchants does.

I am not a wine connoisseur and I have not spent more than S$100 for a bottle of wine and personally prefer whites like riesling and chardonnay.  Wine is definitely beyond my circle of competence but the returns from this alternative form of investment is attractive from an investment point of view, especially for the wine connoisseur out there who can appreciate it.

The same goes for other forms of alternative investments such as fine arts and luxury watches. Do you invest in alternative investment tools? If yes, please do share some of your experience in the comments.

The only good thing about wine investment is that if the value does not go up, at least you can drink it!


  1. Hi Lizardo,

    Thanks for the link to the real life story. I always believe that my investments can be something that I understand/see/touch.

    Well, I don’t quite understand wine and I definitely do not have a cellar to keep them in good condition. Hence, out for me. Same goes for overseas properties!

    Best regards,

      1. 🙂

        But there’s two overseas location I would look at for property investment: London & Hong Kong.

        London because I have lived there for about 3 years. Hong Kong because my wife was based there for 2 years and I traveled there quite often during that period. So, London and Hong Kong are like my 2nd and 3rd ‘home’.

        However, I do not have enough spare cash for property investment. 😦

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